Children’s Cancer Association of Japan has been and is the only non-profit organization in Japan whose mission is to improve the quality of life for children with cancer and their families and to raise awareness of this disease.


Our mission is to improve the quality of life of children and families affected by childhood cancer and to raise awareness of this disease.

Childhood Cancer in Japan

  1. Childhood cancer is a disease which affects children.
  2. About 16,500 children are currently under treatment in Japan.
  3. 35 years ago, most of the children with cancer did not survive, but now over 70% of children with cancer survive.
  4. Cancer remains the number one disease killer of children. 550 lives are lost from cancer every year.

Counseling Service

  1. Counseling by social workers specialized in the childhood cancers
  2. Approximately 15,000 cases of counseling done yearly

Organizing Activities for Children and Their Siblings and Parents

  1. Organizing various self-help groups
  2. Lectures and meetings on topics related to childhood cancers
  3. Organizing yearly summer camp
  4. Coordinating various fun events in hospitals
  5. Volunteer training and sending them to the hospital

Lodging Assistance

  1. Providing lodging to those who come from afar for treatment at “AFLAC Parents House” and other facilities

Financial Assistance to Parents

  1. Providing financial assistances to more than 200 families yearly

Funding for Research Projects

  1. Support Approximately 15 projects per year

Gold Ribbon Fund

  1. Providing assistance to childhood cancer survivors
  2. Funding is supported by donations collected at Gold Ribbon Campaign
  3. 500 yen donation to the Fund, and you will get the Gold Ribbon


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Type of Organization : Non-profit organization